Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Test-N-Tune with Global Time Attack/Shift-S3ctor at Willow Springs

Global Time Attack 

Little recap from this past Saturday at Willow Springs Big Track during Global Time Attack

This event was mainly to showcase all the new parts installed and gain beneficial data for this up coming Super Lab Battle. Times weren't nearly as important compared to how the motor, aero, suspension and other testing parts performed.

The weather was perfect and the attendance of cars impressed. For this event GTA teamed up with Shift-S3ctor which is known for there airstrip racing and the high dollar cars they bring in... With a few notables as a gnarly Porsche Cup car and a track prepped Benz C63, a corvette ZR1 and several decently modded GT-R's... and then of course all the rag tag GTA track cars we have all come to love...

If you haven't been to a GTA event, then you you've been missing out. As the camaraderie and the friendships you gain are unforgettable. Let alone some of the cars that come out are the fastest in the business of time attack. 

As for me, it was an eventful day. This was the first outing with the new Jacks Transmission 2.3 motor and trans, the newly added aero, Robi's suspension bits, testing unreleased brake components and a slew of other newly added parts. With all I knew I was going into the day with problems sure to come up...

The first problem to arise was the catch can setup, as the current setup as a simple one which proved inoperable. As oil spewed all over the the left side of the engine bay and flowed underneath the chassis. I did over fill the crankcase slightly, so that could have been a leading cause. But once I rigged up (2) separate catches it resolved the excessive blow by. 

The second problem was with the undertray not having enough support in the center of it. That resulted in a gaping rub-hole in the center of the undertray.

The next was suspension needs a little more fine tuning, as the RobiSpec hard bearing kit proved to work as designed or I just need to man up and steer the car right...

All in the the car stayed cool all day long with both the water and oil staying below 220 degrees. 

The RRE Scot Gray tune performed flawlessly, with no hint of knock or missing a beat. 

The test brakes never boiled fluid as I tried my hardest to.

The Jacks Transmission 2.3 motor and trans showed there track worthiness...

To end, I know what needs to be done and hope to complete it all in time for November

Thanks and sorry for the lengthy read...

God Bless,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Decided to take the car and hard park it at Auto Club Speedway (formerly known as Cal Speedway for you old skool cats) and pay visit to some friends that were attending the 86 FEST... 

The 86 FEST is the largest of its kind in the nation and the crowd showed it. They cater to the young blood Scion BRZ/Toyota 86 crowd and the hardcore AE86 folks...

I must say the organizers have some great networking skills as the place was packed to the brim and the vendor section included some of the best in the industry. They planned it out right by working with Speed Ventures, so you could flog your car on the ROVAL configuration or hit up the cone dodging auto-x course... 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spoolinup and Full-Race

A few new sponsors for 2013 is Spoolinup and Full-Race Motorsports

First, Spoolinup

As most of us all know Matt's Coil Over Plug non-cdi is one of the best products produced for the Evo. Whether it be for a stock power Evo or a full blown build such as my situation...

The price is right and the quality, well the pictures speak for themselves...!

Next is Full-Race Motorsports

If you haven't heard of Full-Race, well you haven't heard of Time Attack. Full-Race is not only a supporter to me they support the fastest Time Attack car in the world, NEMO Racing. They produce some of the best manifolds with exceptional welds it hurt to cover them up...

Here's their T3 manifold for the 4G63

Like I mentioned above, it hurt to cover up the beautiful welds. But keeping underhood temps to a minimum is more important.

The coating used was Cerakote, which can withstand temps over 1500 degrees. I had it locally done at Vinman Engineering, located in Hesperia. The best part is that everything to bead blasting, prep, paint and bake was all done in 5hrs. Making it ready for pick and install in 1-day!

Once again I would like to thank Spoolinup and Full-Race for jumping on board...!


A Cooler, Cooler set-up...

Here's some craftiness....

We all know the saying "it's not if I go off track, it's when"...

With that in mind I decided I wanted a front mount oil cooler set-up. Most of the prefabbed kits are ludicrous in prices, so I made my own DIY kit with the following.

- Earls 25 row oil cooler
- (3) 90 degree -8 AN fittings
- (1) -8 straight fitting
- (2) -8 to NPT adapters 
- 6ft twist-tite -8 hose

With the decision to make a front mount oil cooler setup, I also wanted to still utilize the OEM pusher fan to help keep water temps to a minimum. To make it work I needed to relocate the OEM power steering loop and then make/fab a new power steering cooler set up... 

Removing the front loop cooler was straight forward and easy. I replaced it with a fin type heat exchange cooler that's pretty tiny and way more efficient than stock. With its smaller size I decided to put the power steering cooler in the front right wheel well where the oil cooler use to be...

You can barely see it below the right headlight

Now for the brackets for the oil cooler. Surprisingly with simple garage tools I was able to make 'em at home and not needing anything from Road Race Engineering...

I took some measurements of distances from the radiator-to-oil cooler, and the oil cooler-to-intercooler... With the oil cooler being almost 2-1/2"in away from the radiator and a little over a 1"in from the intercooler. So I wouldn't think heat soak or radiant heat from either the radiator, oil cooler, or intercooler will effect each other...

Painted and ready for install

Next up, radiator brackets to pull the radiator closer and the tunnel ducting for all the coolers...




With the simple side ducts, I've dropped an easy 20+ degrees in water temp. It's all about rammed air..



The Motor Is In...

Got the motor dropped in yesterday. Still need to install the t-case for it to be completely installed... 

Had to wait on some gaskets or it would have been dropped in last week. But the worst thing was that when I opened the tranny box up Jacks Transmission had sent all of the needed gaskets in with the tranny. Oh well... 

While the motor was out I removed all the EGR stuff... 

Next up is to mount/install the Fuelap FPR, Zeitronix Ethonal Content Anyalyzer wired in, Walbro 400 install w/ it hotwired in, and install/mod some more aero... 

Hope to get it cranked so I can get some break-in miles on the motor, swap out the old injectors for the FIC 2150cc's and get her dyno'd on 91 and E85...!

Track day plans are to hit up some local HPDE's at Willow Springs for some shake down runs and then run Super Lap Battle/GTA at Buttonwillow in November to finish out the short track year...

Sweet Jacks Transmission packaging...!!!

Garrett's GTX3076r turbo and ACT's xtreme clutch kit...

We're off to the races....


4G63 2.3 Stroker Rebuild

Blog---> [url][/url]

Stroker 2.3 Motor Build

A little insight of what's been going on with "Matt Dennison" aka "o-townFLA" or simply known as "Matt"...

All intentions were to go to a track day and instruct. Seeing everyone blast around the track or me sitting in the passenger seat wasn't necessarily*boring but the competitiveness in me wanted to be in the driver seat. So without fully going over the car I hit the "time attack" session... Bad idea...*

After the (2) TA session my car had a little more valve train noise than usual. Trying to figure out the noise at the track with a marauder of people you can only imagine all the inputs and ideas of what might be wrong. So while at the track we all finalized that we couldn't really determine what was wrong. Other than the new noise and that I was super low oil...

So I dropped the car off at Road Race Engineering to have their assistance. Within a few hours we have found the problem. A motor killing spun bearing...

So the next question was what to build, how strong will the build need to be and what all needs to replaced...

So the final build would be the following with a few new extras:

Jacks Transmission 2.3 Stroker
- Wiseco pistons
- Manley H-beams
- AMS oil pan w/ scrapper

Jacks Transmission rebuilt head
- Kiggly HLA pressure regulator
- Cosworth M3 cams 280/272

Jacks Transmission rebuilt tranny
Front Mount Earl's oil cooler

I've always been weary of running E85 due to its inconsistencies. So I've always ran 100 octane making a decent 450/400 at 26psi. With this build I decided to bump up to E85 but would do it right with the following...

- ZEITRONIX Ethanol Content Analyzer
- Walbro 400lph*
- FIC 2150cc injectors *
- Fuel Lab Fuel Pressure Regulator*

My current turbo setup is the cast HAFE manifold with a newly released GTX3076R bolted on.

Contaminated scrap...

Well the blessed people at Road Race Engineering to include Mike, Rossy, Honda, Sam, Lod, Chris, Robert, Matt, Art, Ruben, Lydia, Gus, Rick and Scott have been a tremendous help and I will forever be in debt to them...!!!

Thank you to those that have helped pave the way to the podium for me
- Robi @ RobiSpec
- Yukio @ Turbo By Garrett
- Scott @ ACT
- Chris @ KW Suspension 
- Jack and Chris @ Jacks Transmission
- Ziggy @ 
- the boys @ MAP
- Abby @ mil.spec
- GoPro
- SPY optics
- God @ awesome...!


- ACT Xtreme clutch
- ACT Prolite flywheel
- MIL.SPEC 65mm Throttle Body
- MIL.SPEC R2 version Intake Manifold
- BERK TECHNOLOGY high flow catalytic converter
- JACKS TRANSMISSION 2.3 stroker motor
- AMS oil pan
- Kiggly HLA pressure regulator
- Earl's front mount oil cooler
- Mishimoto radiator
- Mishimoto air diversion plate
- Mishimoto silicone radiator hoses
- Mishimoto slim fan
- Prosport oil filter adaptor plate
- AMSOIL fluids
- Cosworth 280in/272ex M3 camshafts
- ETS 3inch front mount intercooler
- Dejon dual stage MBC's
- Dual map switch for 91/E85
- Megan 3inch TBE
- Fuel Lab fuel pressure regulator
- Walbro 400lph fuel pump
- Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc injectors
- 42 draftdesigns water temp housing

Suspension Modifications:  
- ROBISPEC aligned and corner balanced
- ROBISPEC KW suspension RACE 2-way adj. coilovers
- ROBISPEC 26mm 4-way adj. swaybar
- ROBISPEC swaybar endlinks
- ROBISPEC spherical bearing control arm kit
- Perrin PSRS - offset
- K-Mac camber/caster plates (front)
- Cusco pillowball top mounts (rear)

Wheels/Tires Modifications:  
- Konig Runaways 18x9 +30 
- Volk RAYS Gram Light 57 maximum 17x9 +22 

Interior/Exterior Modifications:  
- ZEITRONIX wideband Air/Fuel ratio gauge
- ZEITRONIX e85 Ethanol Content Analyzer
- Sparco Evo seats
- G-Force 6pt harnesses 
- Prosport 60mm Premium boost gauge
- Prosport 60mm Premium oil temp gauge
- Prosport 60mm Premium water temp gauge
- Prosport 60mm Premium oil pressure gauge
- WorksBell Rapfix II quick release 
- WorksBell short hub
- MOMO mod-8 350mm steering wheel
- Autopower 4pt roll bar
- Gruppe-S 60mm gauge panel
- GOPRO cameras 

- Voltex GT wing - type 5
- Voltex rep. race bumper
- APR rear diffuser 
- OEM vortex generator
- baller yellow tow hook